We have many professionals, businessmen, adults and teens that we have inspired to be instructors themselves and to start their own surf classes. Through our Instructor to Instructor Training Program, YOU too can be an instructor!!

The Infamous, “Great Lumsdini” Mark Lumsden!
IG: @lumsdenhandcrafted
Lumsdini Too..
The DEAN – Josh Francis
IG: @jfrancis6788
The Dean down deep..
Lens Master – The Guy behind the guy
TYLER WHEAT – Cameras – Photo Master
IG: @mtwphotographs & @tylerwheatt
Tyler HOPPIN 2 barrels.
He took this while jumping!! HOW???

Back Attack
Billy the Kid (well Connor the Teen) Guitars
Young bottom turn Connor
Earthman: Poppa Chris Homokay and Junior
IG: @tru_chris_homokay
Homokes backpacking Junior
The Dancer: Amaia Pascual (Photo Queen too..)
IG: @amaiajustine
World Travelin …
Snow Bunny..
The Drummer: Arthur Pascual
IG: @trysurf